Garage door types

Choosing your garage door type.


Current manufacturers of garage doors now offer a huge range of different types of doors in a variety of sizes, styles & finishes, so there’s something for everybody! To make things a little clearer & help you decide which might be best for you, we’ve given you a breakdown on the basic types available. Here at Cherwell Doors we insist on using the best available products on the market & have links to our main supplier’s websites so you can browse their complet e product ranges.

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Up & Over Garage doors

Up & over doors come in two gear types, canopy & retractable. It is always best to have a retractable door if you wish to add a remote controlled operator. The diagrams below give a clear view of how the garage door will open once fitted.

Canopy Garage Door Diagram


Retractable Garage Door Diagram


The door panel itself can be manufactured from a variety of materials. One of the most common being steel, although, GRP (Glass reinforced polyester) ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which is 30 times more durable than regular plastic, PVC plastic & timber are readily available, all in a large range of styles & finishes.

The latest steel doors now come complete with steel frames, to combat the rotting problems that you may have had with your previous garage door, & ready finished in a choice of beautiful powder coated colours & wood grain effects to blend perfectly with today’s timber effect uPVC window & door frames. A large range of window & handle options are on offer too!

Side hinged garage doors

Side hinged garage doors may well be ideal for your particular needs. Again available in steel, GRP or timber they offer the additional benefit of offering unrestricted space within the garage. Single versions in the form of personnel doors are available to match the main garage door exactly.


Side Hinged Door Diagram



Personnel Door Diagram

1322825095personnel operation280


Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors come in a variety of styles & finishes & are basically what they say on the tin in that the garage door panel itself is in four panel sections. They offer more flexibility than standard one piece doors as they able to fit into many different shaped openings including angled or arched. They are tightly sealed all round & offer a wider drive through width & open vertically upwards allowing you to park right up to the door & still be able to open it. Available in steel & timber, other optional benefits include insulation of the door panel, which may be important to you if your garage has another room above it or access into your home.


1322825603sectional operation280

Rolling garage doors

Rolling garage doors again offer many of the benefits of the sectional garage door, including insulation, wider drive through width & vertical opening. However, as the door curtain itself rolls up into an overhead box they leave the garage ceiling free from fixing tracks, enabling you to use this additional valuable storage space. They are also come as standard as a fully automatic remote controlled door. Manual & un-insulated options are available & the alumimium curtains come in a range of painted colours & wood effect finishes.


1322825964roller operation280


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